Benefits of Manual Vs Auto Light Deprivation?

Is there an advantage to using an automated greenhouse light dep system?

There are two options for light deprivation greenhouse systems- automated or manual. Manual light dep sometimes referred to as “pulling tarps” is a low-cost but labor-intensive method of practicing the light deprivation method. A motorized auto light dep system allows you to put your cycles on timers and reduce associated labor dramatically at increased up-front cost. Bear in mind if you use roll-up sides you’ll have to manage your air circulation around your 12h/12h light/dark cycles by venting at night.

Benefits of Manual Light Deprivation Greenhouses

  • Low cost of materials
  • Good for smaller greenhouses
  • Can be retrofitted to existing greenhouses
  • When done well can be just as effective as auto light dep

Benefits of Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouses

  • Significantly less labor-intensive
  • More precise timing and ability to schedule cycles
  • More reliable

hortitech light deprivation greenhouse

Above, you can see a Hortitech light deprivation greenhouse from the inside and outside

Auto Light Dep Kits for Greenhouses

If you are looking for an auto light dep kit, here are the materials you will need. The main parts will be the roll bar motor, the timed roll bar controller, the lashing winch assembly, and the blackout cloth. In addition, you may need some other parts like retention strapping, roll bar adapters, and side clasp roll bars. Hortitech Direct offers many models of light deprivation greenhouse kits that include (almost) everything you need to build a light dep greenhouse. 

180 NM Roll Bar Motor, 100 NM Roll Bar Motor, or 60 NM Roll Bar Motor

  • The LVM100 Greenhouse Curtain Motor can roll up to a 1750 sq. ft. single bar curtain or up to an 875 sq. ft. double bar curtain for light deprivation curtain or other applications.
  • The LVM180 Light Dep Curtain Motor is designed to lift up to a 3000 sq. ft. single bar curtain or up to 1500 sq. ft. double bar curtain and is specially designed for roll to peak light deprivation.
  • This 60 NM greenhouse curtain motor is designed to lift up to a 1250 sq. ft. single bar curtain or up to 625 sq. ft. double bar curtain.

100 NM Roll Bar Motor for greenhouse light deprivation system

Timed Roll Bar Controller

  • The CLD-2MO timed light dep controller fully automates light deprivation systems. 
  • The controller converts AC power to 24 Volt DC to simultaneously power two (2) low voltage motors.
  • This is a multi-phase controller that allows the grower to easily create a custom automated light deprivation schedule.

timed roll bar controller for light dep greenhouse

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