What Are the Benefits of Light Deprivation?

When it comes to growing photoperiod sensitive plants in a greenhouse, having a light deprivation system is a great advantage. Using light deprivation increases annual yields and improves crop quality. Here are six great benefits of cultivating in a light deprivation greenhouse:

  1. Reduced Risk: Multiple harvests reduce the financial risk associated with a compromised crop. 
  2. More Practice: Growers get more opportunities to refine their practices and learn.
  3. Increased Yields: Plants tend to grow stronger with more direct sunlight and more UV light in the summer sun.
  4. More Competitive Pricing: Greater efficiency allows you to compete in the marketplace more successfully and have better margins.
  5. Better Control Over Flowering: Flower when you believe your plants are strongest and most prepared for the transition taking into account environmental variables and optimal pruning.
  6. Address Sickness Before Flowing: Deal with pests, pathogens, and weeds before going into flowering.

Greenhouse Light Dep Differences

Light dep greenhouses can be operated manually, by pulling tarps over crops, or by automated systems. Timed controller boxes can even make sure that blackout cloth gets applied consistently and with little labor. Using a light deprivation greenhouse is also much more cost-efficient and energy-efficient than indoor growing.

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