Indoor vs Outdoor vs Light Dep Growing

Why should you choose a light dep greenhouse over other cultivation methods?

Compared to growing indoors light dep greenhouses are more sustainable, much more efficient, and drastically reduce overhead. Outdoor growing puts you in nature’s hands with limited control over exposure to organisms, weather patterns, and offers little in the way of privacy. Indoor and light dep offer the best quality results with some arguing indoor produces a fuller terpene profile, although this is hotly debated.

Growing Methods Compared

Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor vs greenhouse cultivation methods. You can see that light dep greenhouses are a great compromise between outdoor and indoor growing.

Outdoor Growing Pros and Cons

  • Cheapest and takes full advantage of natural resources
  • Only permits seasonal growing
  • Generally lower quality crops
  • Crops are at risk of exposure to early frost and severe weather

Indoor Growing Pros and Cons

  • Most expensive and resource-intensive method
  • Can yield very high-quality crops
  • Existing spaces can be used
  • Allows year-round cultivation

Light Dep Greenhouse Pros and Cons

  • Light dep systems can be retrofitted to existing structures
  • More crop protection than outdoor growing
  • Less energy and resource-consuming than indoor growing
  • Allows for year-round growing
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