Light Deprivation Problems: Air Circulation

Air circulation is very important in light dep greenhouses! Auto light dep greenhouses put you in control of many environmental factors in your greenhouse. This allows you to provide consistency to your plants. Proper air circulation evens out temperature and humidity, strengthens plant stems, and facilitates CO2 exchange. Without proper air circulation, plants will simply run out of fresh air and will essentially be suffocated from the lack of fresh oxygen. 

Remember that when light dep curtains are pulled down, any openings for air exchange create an opportunity for light pollution. Light traps are needed to ensure that ventilation openings do not allow light in!

Circulatory airflow prevents the formation of pockets of undesirable conditions that can weaken your plants and give pests, pathogens, or weeds a foothold to start spreading. Much like the wall of a fortified medieval city, all it takes is a single weakness for pests, pathogens, and weeds to defeat your defenses. That is why maintaining good circulatory airflow is also a prerequisite to greenhouse pest prevention. This can be accomplished by using horizontal airflow (HAF) circulatory fans.

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