Is 100% Light Proofing a Must?

Yes! Short-day plants are especially sensitive to light and dark cycles during the flowering phase.  Even slight accidental light exposure can lead to all sorts of problems affecting quality, loss of plants, and yields. Whatever method you choose, be sure to eliminate light leaks and think about how environmental factors such as wind can affect your blackout cloth installation. It doesn’t take much to compromise your crop!

Common Light Leak Sources

  • Cracks, tears, and holes
  • Shutters and vents
  • Edges of roll-up side windows
  • Cracks around doors

Tips to Avoid Light Leaks

  1. Observe the growing space in the dark before planting crops
  2. Perform regular maintenance to seal cracks
  3. Use light traps over ventilation openings
  4. Don't cut corners and seal off ventilation, it could damage crops

If you are looking to buy a light deprivation greenhouse, Hortitech Direct offers a variety of Light Dep Greenhouse Kits that you can compare!

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