How Many People Should I Hire?

Hiring staff for your greenhouse is always a challenge. There will be a need for seasonal temporary workers to assist at peak operation times like planting and harvest, but how many employees do you need to run your day-to-day greenhouse operations?

For day to day operations, one skilled full-time grower can manage a greenhouse up to 100ft on their own, but it never hurts to have some backup. That being said, large projects such as transplanting, pruning, and harvesting should be done with a helping set of hands. There's nothing worse than falling behind on daily duties because a large project took longer than anticipated.

For operations larger than four greenhouses, a manager should be hired to oversee a labor force of one person per greenhouse so that the grower can focus on plant health and directing the manager to accomplish tasks as needed. Greenhouse staffing will generally call for the use of part-time or temporary labor to help out during harvesting and when extra plant care is needed.

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