How Do Light Traps Work?

Light traps are like "breathable walls” that allow air in but block light from entering your light deprivation greenhouse. Light dep greenhouses need to have 100% light-proofing, so covering vents and shutters is essential. The unique wave design of the light trap blocks the light that would come through a vent while still allowing airflow. Light traps need to be properly sized to correspond to the size of your ventilation, and sometimes additional ducting is also needed.

Hortitech Direct Light Trap

It is important to get a good quality light trap that will not impact the efficiency of the ventilation system. Without good ventilation, light dep greenhouses can build up excessive heat and humidity that can damage crops. Light deprivation greenhouses with automated ventilation are the best option for reliable light dep timing, less physical labor, and assuming systems are properly designed they will provide better ventilation than roll-up sides.

Installing light traps is fairly easy. The breathable wall vanes are threaded onto rods with caps and spacers. After this part is assembled, you place it in a metal housing and mount it over your fan to create a complete light trap assembly.

If you are looking to buy a light deprivation greenhouse, Hortitech Direct offers a variety of Light Dep Greenhouse Kits that you can compare!

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