What is a commercial greenhouse?

A commercial greenhouse is a greenhouse that is used for the cultivation of commercial crops that will be sold to the public. Commercial greenhouses need to consistently perform to a high standard and are more durable and long-lasting structures than hobby greenhouses. Most greenhouses by Hortitech Direct are used for commercial applications and our greenhouse kits are suitable for commercial use. While we also offer small greenhouses, large greenhouses for commercial use are our most popular products.

You may also be interested in comparing hobby greenhouses vs commercial greenhouses. The first thing you will likely notice is that commercial greenhouse cost is higher than hobby greenhouse cost. That is due to the use of higher quality material and larger-scale materials. When it comes to commercial greenhouse supplies, they are generally more expensive and harder to find than hobby greenhouse supplies which can be purchased at hardware stores and big-box retailers. While a Costco greenhouse sale might be appealing, those structures are not going to last for years to come and will not meet the demands of a commercial greenhouse.

If you are wondering, "How big is a commercial greenhouse?" There is no exact answer because a commercial greenhouse size depends on the scale of the commercial operation. Hortitech Direct commercial greenhouse kits start as small as 20'x20' and can be as large as 30'x96'. If you need something smaller or larger, or in a different commercial greenhouse size than our kit offerings, we can help you design a custom greenhouse.

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