Do greenhouses work in winter?

Many people wonder, "Can you have a greenhouse in the winter?"

Greenhouses work in the winter as long as they are designed and equipped for year-round use. There are not many places in the US where you could use a passive ventilation greenhouse kit all year round. More likely, you will need a greenhouse kit with automated ventilation that includes HAF fans. Horizontal air flow (HAF) fans provide circulatory airflow which is important for heating as well as cooling.

How do you keep a greenhouse warm in the winter? As far as heating a greenhouse for winter operation, the best greenhouse heater for commercial use is going to be a Modine heater. If you do not experience too many days below freezing or have a smaller greenhouse you may be able to use a non-commercial option like a space heater, but it will not be as energy-efficient.

In addition to greenhouse ventilation and heating for winter, a winter greenhouse will also benefit from double bubble plastic with an air inflation kit. When it comes to how to insulate a greenhouse for winter, this greenhouse plastic will provide insulation. Other greenhouse insulation options include using clear bubble insulation for greenhouses.

Since there is not as much natural sunlight during winter, you will likely also need to outfit your winter greenhouse kits with supplemental lighting and PAR lighting (photosynthetically active lighting).

Finally, if you need a winter greenhouse for a snowy location, you’ll want to get a semi-gable greenhouse frame with four-foot sidewall spacing and truss reinforcement.

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