Why People Disagree on Nutrients

There are many reasons why nutrients are such a hotly debated topic, but the following are a few significant ones.

There are limited studies on what the best nutrients are due to the legal status of the plant. More are expected as states legalize but will continue to be limited by continued federal illegality. Studies help produce causal relationships. Many of the claims in blog posts today are correlations that can prove to be false as environmental variables change. Drawing useful conclusions from anecdotal evidence is difficult. This doesn’t stop people from publishing definitive guides though, and everyone wants to be right.

Beyond this, every factor in your operation contributes to what may or may not work for your plants in terms of nutrients including your strain, soil, climate, ventilation, water, greenhouse infrastructure, contaminants, pests, pathogens, weeds, growing techniques, and more.

That said, there are methods and products growers use that produce good results, and many more that don’t. The best growers will tell you the more you know about the process, about the plant itself, the better you’ll be able to meet its needs. The plant is like a “map” of sorts. Many indicators are present that can give you insight into what’s really going on and what your plant needs to be healthy. Awareness is key.

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