What Are Drying Houses?

Drying houses, like the Automated Drying House Kits by Hortitech Direct, are similar to commercial light deprivation greenhouses but they are meant to be used for drying your harvest. They feature taller than normal sidewalls and truss reinforcement so you can hang tall/long plants from the trussing to allow them to air dry. These greenhouses for drying and curing minimize light penetration to protect plant compounds from UV rays that can cause degradation. They also feature automated ventilation to ensure that crops get sufficient airflow to cure properly and also to prevent mold and mildew. 

You might consider leaving off the automated ventilation to save money, but that would likely be a costly mistake. Greenhouses can build up a lot of heat and condensation, especially when they are full of materials. When you are drying and curing plants, you want them to be in a well-ventilated and dark area. Using natural ventilation for your drying and curing building will not likely achieve this level of ventilation and will also risk allowing pests to enter and feed on your harvest.

A drying house with automated ventilation will keep pests out and keep your harvest fresh! Most importantly, Hortitech Direct offers competitive manufacturer-direct pricing on drying houses. With 30'x80' Automated Drying Houses starting at around just $14,500, it is obviously cheaper to invest in a drying house with automated ventilation than risk crop loss and damage that could amount to significantly more. If you need a larger drying house, you can opt for a massive 30'x150' semi-gable drying house.

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