2.5% Off Your Order With eCheck

If you pay with eCheck also known as EFT or ACH we'll give you 2.5% off your order. An eCheck is a transfer from one bank account to another and does not use a payment network like VISA or Mastercard.

This discount also applies to paying with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Why Do We Give Discounts for eCheck?

Credit card fees for large purchases stack up fast. Say you're buying 3 greenhouses, plastic, and nutrients and your order comes out to $33,000. The fees on that order could be as high as $1000. Payment options like eCheck, cash, and cryptocurrency have low or non-existent fees.  Passing on savings on fees makes us more competitive and saves you money.

Yeah, But Don't Merchants Pay the Fees?

It sure comes off that way but the buyer always pays the fees albeit indirectly. Stores are careful not to introduce any barriers to purchase. For this reason, they take an average of all fees associated with transactions and adjust their pricing. Those paying in cash, check, e-check, or cryptocurrency are covering for those paying with credit cards. With retail transactions, it's worth the convenience but for commercial transactions, it's a heap of fees going to the payment networks providing little value.

What About Cash-Back Cards?

Cash-back rewards cards have higher interchange fees for the merchant. They also tend to have higher interest rates if you carry a balance. Overall the same logic applies. Higher interchange fees generally mean a higher cost of doing business for merchants which translates to higher costs for the consumer. Merchants like us are further incentivized to minimize or eliminate interchange fees and reward consumers who pay with cash, check, e-check, or cryptocurrency rather than plastic.

Final Words

We're committed to being competitive and giving you good products at low prices. It's a compromise but we believe this is one of the best ways to do it. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions and comments.

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