2.5% Off Your Order With Bitcoin, Eth

Due to the ultra-low payment processing fees if you pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum we'll give you 2.5% off your order. Our checkout system doesn't allow us to discount for this directly but we can set up a rebate on your order right after you checkout. Just email us at support@hortitechdirect.com and we'll send 2.5% of your order right back to your wallet. Hortitech Direct is one of the few online greenhouse and grow supply stores that offer you the ability to buy online with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. With the growing popularity of decentralized banking and crypto, we feel that it is important to offer our customers this flexibility. 

How does it work? Your Bitcoin or Etherium wallet has a "wallet address" so to exchange cryptocurrency you can use your crypto banking platform to send currency to another person's (or store's) wallet address. Many cryptocurrency banking platforms even offer convenient QR codes that you can scan to send and receive cryptocurrency payments. Since Hortitech Direct already offers manufacturer-direct pricing on greenhouses there are no sales or specials to be run since our prices directly correlate to the current price of US steel. That means we don't have much room (or need) to discount the price of our greenhouse frames. If you are looking to save, we can offer this 2.5% discount because it lowers our cost of payment processing. This makes buying greenhouses with Bitcoin or Etherium a great bank-free option for everyone!

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