Cultivating in Soil vs Coir

Every grower's personal taste will ultimately determine what growth medium they choose to cultivate in. When it comes to cultivating in soil vs. coir, there are a few things to consider:

  • pH adjustment is required for coir
  • Bottled or powdered nutrients are best used with coco coir
  • Soil can use organic inputs like worm castings, bat guano, blood and bone meal, and compost with plain water
  • Soil is generally cheaper than coco coir and less difficult to use
  • Coco coir and nutrient salts are very popular options currently

With that said, coco coir is a great option once you get past the learning curve. It is more sustainable than peat moss and plants can truly thrive as it can retain moisture and prevent waterlogging. Coco coir usually has a natural pH of 6.5 -7 which makes it comparable to unfertilized soil, but it is very important to get coir that has been washed and treated so you will not need to buffer it. If coir is not properly washed and buffered it can immobilize nutrients like nitrogen. You can use coco coir alone or mix it with soil and other growth medium components.

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