What Are Parabolic Reflectors?

Parabolic reflectors (also called optics) maximize grow light efficiency. When it comes to optimizing lighting in a greenhouse, you will want to use a lighting ballast with parabolic reflectors. When shopping for grow light reflectors, you need to make sure that they are compatible with your grow light ballast and lamp type. Some reflectors are made specifically for use with HPS or MH lamps while others can be used with a variety of lamps. Reflectors like the DE Boss are a built-in component of a light fixture that includes a ballast. Others such feature an open design with a lamp socket that connects to a remote ballast.
Keep in mind that most reflectors are designed to have a certain lifespan after which they need to be replaced. Most reflectors such as Gavita grow light reflectors will be ruined if you attempt to clean them!
Reflective materials covering the walls of a grow room or growth chamber can also increase light exposure, evenness, and efficiency. Here are just some of the reflective materials that can be used to help disperse more light to plants:
  • Mylar
  • Visqueen
  • Astrofoil
  • Foylon
  • Black and white greenhouse plastic (white side)
  • Flat white paint with a high titanium dioxide content
  • To disperse more natural sunlight, you can line the floors with white fabric
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