Greenhouse Waste Disposal

Waste management is an important aspect of greenhouse sanitation, maintenance, and greenhouse pest prevention. You will need less greenhouse pest control when you put more effort into not attracting them in the first place. In addition to using municipal waste disposal, many greenhouses also compost the discarded plant matter. When it comes to disposing of chemicals like nutrients and pesticides, you will need to check the safety data sheet (SDS) for the product and may need to check with your local officials.

When it comes to disposing of controlled medicinal plants, careful tracking and accounting are required. Most states that allow these crops require careful documentation and reporting of what is disposed of, how much is disposed of, and why it was discarded. Many states have very specific requirements for how to store medicinal plant waste and how to dispose of it. Here are some examples:

  • Requiring waste storage containers to be labeled with a batch/lot number
  • Documentation of the weight of the disposed of material
  • Recordkeeping using a waste destruction form
  • Having multiple people verify and observe waste disposal
  • Mixing plant waste with water and sodium bentonite-containing cat litter prior to disposal
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