NPK Values for Nutrients

As you create your own nutrient program, it is often helpful to know the NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) value for different fertilizer components. Follow these links for the NPK values of these organic fertilizers: bat guano, more animal manure options, bone meal and blood meal, worm castings.

NPK Value Component Name Fertilizer Type
15-00-00 Calcium nitrate Synthetic
21-00-00 Ammonium sulfate Synthetic
30-00-00 to 40-00-00 Sulfur-coated urea Synthetic, Slow Release
31-00-00 Isobutylidene diurea Synthetic, (~90% slow release)
33-00-00 to 34-00-00 Ammonium nitrate Synthetic
35-00-00 Ureaform Synthetic, (~85% slow release)
40-00-00 Methylene ureas Synthetic, (~70% slow release)
46-00-00 Urea (U-46) Synthetic
82-00-00 Anhydrous ammonia Synthetic
10-34-00 to 11-37-00 Ammonium polyphosphate Synthetic
11-48-00 to 11-55-00 Monoammonium phosphate Synthetic
18-46-00 to 21-54-00 Diammonium phosphate Synthetic
13-00-44 Potassium nitrate Synthetic
00-17-00 to 00-22-00 Superphosphate Synthetic
00-44-00 to 00-52-00 Triple superphosphate Synthetic
00-00-22 Potassium magnesium sulfate (K-mag) Synthetic
11-08-02 to 16-12-03 Bird Guano Mined Mineral
00-3-00 to 00-8-00 (00-34-00 when soluble) Raw Phosphate Rock Mined Mineral
00-00-60 Potassium chloride Mined Mineral
00-00-19 Kainite Mined Mineral
00-00-17 Carnallite Mined Mineral
09-00-00 Manure, Dairy
01-00-01 Manure, Horse Biosolid
03-02-02 Manure, Poultry Biosolid
04-12-00 Bone Meal Biosolid
05-05-06 Fish Blood and Bone Biosolid
06-02-00 Milorganite Biosolid

Adapted from: Labeling of Fertilizer 

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